How Rewarded Video Works

Thank you for joining the HideoutTV network of rewarded video sites. HideoutTV & its’ sister video sites enable our users to earn points in the most entertaining way possible thanks to our carefully curated content, with tons of great new videos added daily!

So, how exactly does rewarded video work?

  1. You must always be logged in to earn points. To earn points as you watch, you must always be logged into your Hideout account. If you are not logged in, points will not accumulate within your account.
  2. Earn points for each ad viewed. Points are accumulated for each ad that you watch throughout the duration of a video.
  3. Automated crediting of points earned. Your balance is displayed directly under the video player. When the background of your balance is grey, you must continue watching to earn any points for ads viewed. Once the background of your balance turns green, if you have watched ads your points will automatically be credited to your account. At this point, you may continue watching the video for more ad opportunities, or if you are not enjoying the video, you can skip or navigate to other videos. Click here for more information on points crediting.
  4. Earn an average of 2.9 points per ad view. Users in your country earn an average of 2.9 points per ad view. Here are some tips to earn as much as possible:
    • Actively watch videos in your browser, with your sound on to earn 3.3 points per ad viewed.
    • FireTV App. Download the Hideout FireTV App and watch to earn up to 5 points per ad viewed.
    • Switch channels from time to time to maximize your ad opportunities and discover great new content from many of our contributors.
    • Google Chrome generally provides the best watching and ad experience. We highly recommend using Chrome to enjoy our videos.
  5. Redeem your points. Hideout offers a variety of ways for you to redeem your points.
    • Redeem points to a linked partner. Hideout works with hundreds of publisher partners where you can link your account and redeem your points to that partner site/app. Learn more about Linking your HideoutTV Account
    • Redeem points to Lootup. When you sign up for a Hideout account, you also have an account with our sister rewards site, Simply login to with the same email/password combination as your Hideout account and you can not only redeem your points, but can enjoy other rewarded opportunities as well such as taking surveys, completing offers, and entering giveaways!
    • Redeem points for Gift Cards. You can always redeem the points you’ve earned on Hideout for gift cards by visiting the Redeem Gift Cards page.
  6. Visit HideoutTV’s sister sites. Enjoy different content, using the same login details as Hideout on each of our sister sites.
    • – Delicious meals & recipes
    • – Even more meals, recipes, and food videos from other featured contributors.
    • – Adorable and funny videos of animals, including famous pets like Tucker Buddy!
    • – Amazing originals and covers by talented musicians
    • – Travel the world with our contributors.
    • – Anything and everything gaming related.
    • – Delicious ideas and recipes for tasty desserts.
    • – Do-It-Yourself tips from our handiest contributors.
    • – Love viral videos? You’ll love Popjoy!
  7. Not earning rewards? We recommend trying one of our sister sites, each having different ad opportunities available. If you’re still not earning rewards, try taking surveys or completing offers in our Promo Center.
  8. Auto-play issues happen. From time to time, you may run into an issue where videos are not automatically starting. If this happens, simply click play on the video and the video will begin playing.
    Using safari? You will need to enable auto-play to enjoy videos. Here’s how to do that.
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